For Women

sybianattachmentsThe Sybian provides unique stimulation to your entire genital area with vibration and rotation movements.  There are a variety of attachments and each one gives a different experience.  Since all women are different, the key to a positive experience is to choose the right attachment.  As Dr. Bumpy says, it’s like trying on shoes; you have to find the attachment that fits just right!

Here are some tips for your first ride:

  • Use the stool for support as you move your body on the Sybian until it feels good.
  • Vary your position while you ride; leaning forward or sitting more upright will feel different.
  • You may want to work the controls yourself, for at least the beginning of the ride.
  • Move the vibration up gradually.  Some women also like switching it up between lower and higher vibration.

Take a video tour of the Sybian!