Sybian attachmentsWhat is a Sybian?

The Sybian is a powerful sex toy designed to bring a woman sensual pleasure. See About the Sybian or the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Are the attachments on Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian clean and safe?

Yes!  Each attachment is used only once per evening. Attachments are disinfected with a detergent and bleach solution after use then bagged individually so they stay clean. The saddle and stool are wiped with Cavicide, a medical-grade disinfectant after each rider.  For added protection, condoms are placed on the insertable attachments.

I have a latex allergy.  Can I still ride the Sybian?

Yes! All attachments are non-latex. The classic attachments are made from C-Flex TPE and do not contain latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, phthalates or polyurethane. The purple attachments are made with 100% medical grade silicone.  Dr. Bumpy always has non-latex condoms available for those who have an allergy/sensitivity.

I have squirting orgasms.  Can I still ride Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian?

Oh yes! Fluid will not hurt the Sybian.  Some women have experienced their first ejaculation orgasm on Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian.

I am unable to kneel. Can I still ride Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian?

Most likely, yes! If you have physical limitations, Dr. Bumpy is willing to get creative in order to make your ride comfortable.  Putting the Sybian on a low, sturdy table or stool can enable women to ride standing.  The Sybian can also be adjusted so that the rider can lay on her back.

Can I rent Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian?

No. In order to make sure that his Sybian is properly used and maintained, Dr. Bumpy facilitates all rides.

Can men ride Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian?

No, only people with female genitalia may ride Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian.  The Sybian is designed for women and the manufacturer does not recommend its use by men.  The insertable attachment may cause damage to the prostate and the strong vibration may bruise testicles.

Sybian’s manufacturer also makes the Venus for Men, a powerful masturbation machine designed specifically for the male anatomy.   Visit the Venus for Men website for more information.