For Men

happy coupleHey guys, the Sybian won’t replace you!  In fact, the Sybian is often used by couples. Most men are turned on by watching their lady enjoy the ride.  Many couples report that their sex life improved as a result of using the Sybian!

Suggestions for participation:

  • Caress your lady while she rides
  • Work the controls, gradually increasing the vibration and rotation as your lady responds
    Tip: Start with the rotation then add the vibration slowly.  It’s a powerful machine and the highest setting isn’t always the best for some women.
  • Don’t forget to tell your lady how hot she looks while riding!

Can men ride Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian?

No, only people with female genitalia may ride Dr. Bumpy’s Sybian.  The Sybian is designed for women and the manufacturer does not recommend its use by men.  The insertable attachment may cause damage to the prostate and the strong vibration may bruise testicles.

Sybian’s manufacturer also makes the Venus for Men, a powerful masturbation machine designed specifically for the male anatomy.

Visit the Venus for Men website for more information.